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the link to the ZOOM platform for oral colloquium is the following:  The password to access the zoom meeting is the one that you received from the PICA system when you submitted your electronic application.

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XXXVI° CYCLE (October 1st, 2020 - September 30th, 2023)

Please take a look at the Flyer presenting our PhD in Psychological Sciences.

17 positions with scholarship (13 with free topics, 4 with fixed topics). Both Italian and foreign students can apply.

Here we provide the most important information regarding the admission procedure.

The admission to the PhD Program is based on the careful assessment of students' research attitudes. An admissions committee reviews all applications and evaluates each candidate on the basis of his/her CV, two reference letters, the research project proposed, the motivation letter.

At present, 50 students are enrolled, with an average of 10/15 new students entering the program each year. Financial support is provided for the three years either through University funding (15-18 grants each year) or through external, private or public funding, generally granted for a specific research project (the number of such Specific PhD Research themes varies every year).

The Call for Admission and the PhD Course Table are published on MAy 7th. Applicants expected to graduate by September 30th can apply. Successful applicants who do not fit this criterion will not be in the position to enroll in the PhD program.


Applications submitted by email will not be considered.

It is crucial that applicants read carefully the instructions specified at the following link

The Application form must be completed by June 16th at 1.00 pm CEST. Later application will not be considered.

Documents to be attached to the application form:

1) Copy of an Identification Document

2) Curriculum Vitae in English. Please use the standard format that can be found following this link. Fill out all the requested fields with detailed information. Only CVs presented in the standard format (see above) will be evaluated.

3) Research project. Please, use the following format:

Project Title


State of the art

(max 500 words)


Project objectives

(max 500 words)


Project description (activities, methodologies, expected results)

(max 700 words)


Working program (including time scheduling)

(max 500 words)




4. Statement of purpose (500 words, max.)

5. Publications

In the Application form candidates are requested to indicate 2 Referees who will be asked to provide a reference letter through the online procedure.

After closing the application the candidate can request reference letters before the same closing date for applications, i.e. 16 June 2020 at 13:00 CEST. A notification for completion of the letter will be sent to the referee only after the application has been fully submitted.
The referee will be automatically notified by the system and will have to personally complete the reference letter section in the online procedure and submit it by the deadline of 18 June 2020 at 13:00 CEST.
Reference letters attached by the candidate will not be taken into consideration.

The application is automatically sent to the University when the online procedure has finally been completed. Therefore, no paperwork needs to be delivered or sent to the University’s offices.

There will be a pre-selection procedure based on the evaluation of:

  • Curriculum vitae, including education, research and work experience, English language competence (max 30 points).
  • Publications (max 5 points).
  • Research project, motivation statement and reference letters (max 25 points).

The pre-selected candidates will be admitted to the interview. The ranking of those candidates admitted to the interview, together with the time and place for the interview, will be available on this website on July 6th.

The interview is based on a discussion of the research project proposed by the candidate and it will be in English (max 40 points).

Interviews will start on July 8th at 9.00 am (eventually they will continue for the following days). All candidates will take the oral examination remotely, using the videoconferencing equipment Zoom. Candidates must guarantee that they will use a webcam in order for them to be correctly identified by the Selection Committee and that they will connect on the day of the oral examination.

The final ranking will be made public from August 3rd through publication on the University's official register and publication on the University of Padova website:

General information on the admission procedure

The application should contain information about:

1. University degrees;

2. Documented research stages and working stages related to research and/or psychological sciences; 

3. English competence (a B2 level is highly recommended)

4. Two reference letters (submitted online by the referee within June 18th 2019 - 13:00)

5. A research project (this must be compatible with the research lines of the faculty members; the research lines proposed by the Faculty members can be viewed following the link "Professors" on the left and opening the personal page of each member)

6. Motivation letter


PhD Course Secretary: