School Lunch 2018

- 26th april: Dr. Maffei Antonio and Dr. Visalli Antonino

- 10th may: Dr. Braga Miriam and Dr. Granziol Umberto

- 17th may: Dr. Gatto Elia and Dr. Natarelli Giulia

- 31st may: Dr. Candini Valentina and Dr. Fuochi Giulia

- 7th june: Dr. Oliva Rossella and Dr. Quartarone Cinzia

- 14th june: Dr. Marci Tatiana and Dr. Schiano Arianna

- 21st june: Dr. Ceccarini Francesco and Dr. Donolato Enrica

The meetings are held on Thursday at 1.00 pm - Room "C. Musatti", Via Venezia 8.

During the School Lunch meetings, the PhD students of the XXXI cycle will present their work in conclusion of their PhD program

We are looking forward to seeing you!

School Meeting 2017 

- 23rd March 2017 - Room "C. Musatti" - Flyer

- 6th April 2017 - Room "C. Musatti" - Flyer

- 18th May 2017 - Room "2D" building Psico-2 - Flyer

- 15th June 2017 - Room "C. Musatti" - Flyer

- 22nd June 2017 - Room "C. Musatti" - Flyer