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Social and Affective Neuroscience

I am interested in empathy and simulative processes, and on their neural underpinnings. My research mostly focuses on using ERP to study how social cues conveyed by human faces, such as emotional expressions shapes empathy towards others’ emotional states. I am also interested in exploring, by using MEG/EEG hyperscanning, simulative processes of two interacting individuals in a context of vis-à-vis interactions. Preferential methods to study these aspects of empathy and simulative processes are techniques, such as the EEG and ERP as our main interest is to unravel the time-course of these processes and EEG/ERP method in the context of hyperscanning (e.g. recording EEG from two "interacting" subjects) to study social interaction during "real" interaction.


Selected Publications:

- Piallini, G., Meconi, F., De Palo, F., Schiano Lomoriello, A., Capra, N., Sessa, P., Simonelli, A. Mothers with history of drug addiction show selective attenuation of empathic reactivity to children’s pain. Frontiers in psychology (under revision)

- Schiano Lomoriello, A., Sessa, P. L’utilizzo della tecnica di hyperscanning nelle neuroscienze sociali. Giornale Italiano di Psicologia (under revision)

- Meconi, F., Doro, M., Schiano Lomoriello, A., Mastrella G., Sessa P. Speaking other’s language makes us closer: the case of empathy towards unintelligible others’ pain. (in preparation)

List of Poster Presentations:

- Schiano Lomoriello, A., Piallini, G., Meconi, F., De Palo, F., Simonelli, A., Sessa,P., Empathic neural responses in drug-addicted mothers: an Event-Related Potential Investigation. 9th Social & Affective Neuroscience Society (SANS). 28-30 April.

- Schiano Lomoriello, A., Meconi, F., Sessa, P. The empathic value of emotional prosody: does the way you express feelings shape both neural empathic reactions triggered by concomitant facial expressions and language content? An ERP study. 56th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR). 21-25 September.


- 2015-present: Ph.D. Student at the University of Padua (Italy), Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization; Doctoral course of Psychological Sciences(3 years) Supervisor: Prof. Paola Sessa Advisors: Prof. Michela Sarlo;
- December 2010- June 2013: University of Padua, Italy. Department of General Psychology. Master degree  in  Neuroscience  and  neuropsychological  rehabilitation Psychology. Thesis: “Perceptual  Learning  and  tES  (transcranial  electrical  stimulation) combined”;
- October 2008- November 2010: University of Genova, Bachelor degree  in  Psychological  Science  and  Techniques.
Thesis: “Psychometric tests to detect attention deficit disorders";
- September 2004- September 2008: University of Genova, Bachelor degree  in  Pedagogical  and  Educational  Sciences. Thesis: “Women’s experience from Bulimia nervosafrom 30 to 40 years old"