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Research interests

- Psychophysiology and hazard perception: study of the electrodermal activity of on-road hazard anticipation in novice drivers and riders.

- Road safety and virtual reality: driving behaviour assessment for novice drivers and riders through the use of the Honda Riding Trainer (HRT) simulator and self-report questionnaires

-  Development of trainings of driving abilities and hazard perception for adolescents in collaboration with the High Schools of Padua


1. Gianfranchi, E., Tagliabue, M., & Sarlo, M. (2016, 27-29 October). Body and mind in driving abilities: how electrodermal correlates can explain the improvement of hazard perception in a virtual training. Poster session presented at the XXIV National Congress of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology, Milan, Italy.

2. Tagliabue, M., Gianfranchi, E., & Sarlo, M. (2017). A First Step toward the Understanding of Implicit Learning of Hazard Anticipation in Inexperienced Road Users Through a Moped-Riding Simulator. Frontiers In Psychology, 8(768), 1-11. 

3. Gianfranchi, E., Spoto, A., & Tagliabue, M. (2017). Risk profiles in novice road users: Relation between moped riding simulator performance, on-road aberrant behaviors and dangerous driving. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 49, 132-144.

4. Gianfranchi, E., Tagliabue, M., Spoto, A., & Vidotto, G. (under review). Sensation-seeking, decision making, and driving abilities as measured through a moped-simulator.

5. Terranova, C., Tagliabue, M., Cona, G., Gianfranchi, E., Vidotto, G., Di Pietra, L., Snenghi, R., & Ferrara S.D. (in preparation). Neurocognitive and behavioral markers in DUI recidivists.


  • From October 2016 - ongoing: Phd Student in Psychological Sciences
  • From October 2015 to November 2016: Internship at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padua (Italy). Main themes: Road safety, Virtual Reality, Hazard perception, Somatic Marker Hypothesis and Decision-making Driving behaviours, Psychophysiological indexes (in particular, Skin Conductance Response)
  • Master degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, University of Padua – Italy. Title of the thesis “Risk Perception among Novice Riders: Simulated Driving and Personality Variables” - 110 cum laude/110 – October 2015. 

  • From October 2014 to September 2015: Internship at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padua (Italy).
  • Bachelor degree in Psychological science and Psychobiology, University of Padua – Italy. Title of the thesis: "Somatic Markers in Risk Perception: Psychophysiological indexes and simulated driving" – 110 cum laude/110 
- July 2013