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-Cainelli, E., Vedovelli, L., Wigley, I.L.C.M., Bisiacchi, P.S., Suppiej, A.Neonatal spectral EEG is prognostic of cognitive abilities at school age in premature infants without overt brain damage. (2020). European Journal of Pediatrics;

-Mariani Wigley, I.L.C., De Tommasi, V., Bonichini, S., Fernandez, I., Benini, F. (2019). EMDR and non-pharmacological techniques for anxiety prevention in children prior invasive medical procedures: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of EMDR Practice and Research,13(3), 163-175.doi: 10.1891/1933-3196.13.3.163

Poster and Oral presentation

-Mascheroni, E., Mariani Wigley, I.L.C., Provenzi, L., Sirgiovanni, I., Giorda, R., Bonichini, S., Morandi, F., Schiavolin, P.,  Mosca, F., Fumagalli, M.,  Montirosso, R. (2020). Negative emotionality during stress reactivity and recovery in 4.5-years-old preterm and full-term children: the role of epigenetics mechanisms and parental stress. Oral Presentation for ISPNE 2020- Psychoneuroendocrinology, Chicago, USA

-Mascheroni, E., Provenzi, L., Sirgiovanni, I., Giorda, R., Mariani Wigley, I.L.C., Morandi,  F., Schiavolin, P., Fumagalli,  M., Mosca,  F., Montirosso,  R. (2020). Emotional regulation in 4.5‐year‐old preterm and full-term children: the role of epigenetic mechanisms and parental stress. Poster at RIN Annual Metting, Milan, 8-9 July.

-Mariani Wigley, I.L.C., De Tommasi, V., Bonichini, S., Benini, F. (2018). EMDR integration of non-pharmacological techniques for anxiety and trauma prevention in paediatric sedo-analgesia. Oral Presentation for 4th Global Gathering Maruzza Congress on Paediatric Palliative Care, Rome, 24-27 October.

-Cainelli, E., Cendron, M., Mariani Wigley, I.L.C., Suppiej, A.(2018). Neuro-evolutive outcomes in patients with neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy treated with therapeutic hypothermia. Poster at the National Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatric Neurology, Bologna, 17-20 October.

-Mariani Wigley, I.L.C., Cainelli, E., Vedovelli,L., Suppiej, A.(2018). The prognostic role of quantitative EEG on neuropsychological development in children born premature. Poster at the National Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatric Neurology, Bologna, 17-20 October.