Jessica Boin

Ritratto di Jessica Boin
+39 049 827 6696
Via Venezia 14, room 013 - 5th floor

Research interests

My main research interests concern intergroup relations, humanity attributions and prejudice reduction.

I am currently studying how and when intergroup contact reduce prejudice, in particular, the effects of positive and negative intergroup contact with a main focus on the role of individual differences and ideology.

My research topics include also: the effect of ostracism on self-dehumanization, the relation between humanity attribution to ISIS’ members and de-identification with the whole humanity, dehumanization of immigrants and refugees.


Capozza, D., Falvo, R., Boin, J., & Colledani, D. (2016). Dehumanization in medical contexts: An expanding research field. TPM – Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology23, 545-559.

Dazzi, C., Colledani, D., Falvo, R., & Boin, J. (2015). Individual differences, subjective well-being, and job satisfaction: The mediating role of workaholism. TPM – Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology22, 523-536.


Presentations to conferences and poster:

Capozza, D., Boin, J., Di Bernardo, G. A., & Falvo, R. (2017, July). Ostracism, humanity attributions, and social categorization. Poster accepted, 18th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology, Granada, Spain.

Boin, J., Capozza, D., Colledani, D., & Falvo, R. (2016, November). Waves of immigration in Italy, immigrants’ dehumanization and proposal of defensive strategies. Paper presented at the Conference “WWII – Management of death between new social emergencies and their solution”. Endlife: Death & dying studies, Padova, Italy.

Capozza, D., Di Bernardo, G. A., Falvo, R. & Boin, J. B. (2016, January). Who is excluding me? Ostracism, humanity attributions and social categorization. Poster presented, 17th Annual Convention SPSP(Society for Personality and Social Psychology), San Diego, California. 

Di Bernardo, G. A., Capozza, D., Hichy, Z., Falvo, R., & Boin, J. (2015, September). Amicizie indirette intergruppi e perdono [Indirect intergroup friendships and forgiveness]. Poster presented at the 13th annual AIP conference, Palermo, Italy.



  • 2015 - Master Degree in Social, Work and Communication Psychology, University of Padova. (110 cum laude/110) Thesis: “You have been ostracized! The role of categorization upon social exclusion”.
  • 2013 - Bachelor Degree in Social and Work Psychology, University of Padova. Thesis: “Proscription vs prescription: the ambiguity of prejudice in religious faith”.