Marta Caserotti

Ritratto di Marta Caserotti
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023, Via Venezia 8, 35131 Padova

Research interests

Judgment and Decision Making

My main research topics are:

  • Poverty: What difference poverty makes for cognitive performance and how does it change the way individuals make decisions? Starting from this question,  would like to develop nudges and interventions to encourage poor people to save money or to be more aware of how to efficiently manage them. 

  • Altruism and Prosocial behavior: Analysis of prosocial behavior and creation of interventions to increase charitable donations based on perceptual factors, social factors, and time discounting. 

  • Moral behavior and cheating: I am studying how human physiology changes when people engage in cheating and unethical acts. 

  • Terrorism and risk perception: how does people respond to terrorist threats? What are the affective consequences of terrorist attacks and how they shape people’s perception of the world and the society.


  • Pittarello, A., Conte, B., Caserotti, M., Scremin, S., & Rubaltelli, E. (2017).  Emotional intelligence buffers the effect of physiological arousal on dishonesty. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.
  • Caserotti, M., Rubaltelli, E. (2016). Retired people: How economic resources impact cognitive performance. Under Review
  • Rubaltelli, E., Caserotti, M. (2016). Prosocial Behavior: The Balance Between Perceived Cost for the Donor 
and Benefit for the Recipients. Under Review


  • Master degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology in Padua University – Italy. Thesis in “The effect of income on cognitive functions and decision making: A study with a population of retired Italians” (110 cum laude/110) – July 2015. 

  • From September 2015: Internship at the Department of Developmental and Socialization Psychology (DPSS), University of Padua (Italy).
  • February 2015 – June 2015: Internship project at the Cognitive Psychology Unit (CPU), Department of Psychology, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (Austria).
  • Bachelor degree in Psychological science and Psychobiology in Padua University – Italy. Thesis in “Biofeedback treatment in hypertension and integrated intervention procedures” (103/110) – October 2013.