Massimo De Agrò

+39 049 827 6684
Via Venezia 12, 35131 Padova, Ufficio 005

Research interests

I'm interested in the cognitive abilities of animals, in particular invertebrates. I am currently studying visual discrimination skills of the jumping spiders Phidippus regius, using classical conditioning paradigms.

I am also interested in the automation of experimental procedures, using computers and microcontrollers in order to improve data collection and objectivity in animals experiments.

Selected Conference Proceedings

  1. De Agrò, M., Regolin, L., and Moretto, E. (2017). Jumping spider learns to associate an artificial stimulus to a reward. Behaviour 2017 (joint conference: 35th international ethological conference – ASAB summer meeting 2017), Estoril, Portugal.
  2. De Agrò, M., Cassai, I., Fraccaroli, I., Moretto, E., Regolin, L. (2016). Shape discrimination. Why is a square better than a triangle for a jumping spider? 39th European Conference on Visual Perception, Barcelona, Spain.
  3. De Agrò, M., Regolin, L., and Moretto, E. (2016). Different Eyes but Similar Processing? Visual cognition in the jumping spider. VIII. Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science. Comparative Cognition, from Ethology to Cognitive Science. Dubrovnik, Croatia.