Matilde Tumino

36 cycle

Research interests

Social and Political Psychology

Norms and Social Cognition

Prosocial Behaviour and Intergroup Relations 


Publications and Presentations


Rocchetti. S., Fasoli, F., Rusconi, P. & Tumino, M. (2021). “I Feel Your Eyes On Me. How perceived control affects self-objectification and body consciousness in women”, Psicologia Sociale (2), 225-247, doi: 10.1482/101246.

Tumino, M., Carraro, L., & Fasoli, F. (2019). "La mangio o non la mangio l’ultima fetta? Il caso della Social Mindfulness come processo decisionale", The Inquisitive Mind Megazine,


Tumino, M., Carraro, L., & Fasoli, F.(2021). "Social Mindfulness and Political Ideology: interdependence with an ingroup or an outgroup member", 44th ISPP Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual), 11th - 13th July.

Tumino, M. & Carraro, L. (2021). "Disuguaglianze socio-economiche: quando la salienza della classe sociale influisce sulla social mindfulness", IV Meeting PRIN The Psychology of Economic Inequality, 11th -12th February.


Tumino, M., Contin, G., & Carraro, L., (2019). "The role of parent's socio politic ideology, RWA and SDO in school aged children's social mindfulness", The development of political thought, Padova 4th-5th October.