Why Padova

Along with such universities as Bologna, Paris, Oxford
and Cambridge, Padua is one of the most ancient
Universities in Europe with a longstanding tradition in



The University of Padua enjoys an international
reputation for the highest quality teaching and
research across the sciences, arts and humanities



The University of Padua is renowned for having a friendly environment -
home for a vibrant community of many undergraduate and postgraduate
students of all ages and backgrounds and from more than 120 countries




The PhD Course in Psychological Sciences covers a wide
variety of research fields, with about 60 scientists
conducting top-level research. Research is enhanced by
successful relationships and collaborations with industry
and commerce



Principal Investigators and their groups are
supported by state-of-the-art facilities, and the PhD
program provides a supportive environment for the
scientific training of doctoral students




A limited number of PhD positions each year, all covered
by a fellowship. But a large number of academic scholars
involved in the program. This ensures that each student
will receive multifaceted scientific education



For further information about the admission procedure follow this link.