The main goal of the PhD is to train high-level researchers in the field of Psychological Sciences, and to enable them to increase the body of scientific knowledge upon which the discipline of psychology rests. The program is designed to prepare psychologists to work effectively as researchers, college and university instructors, and professional research psychologists. The program is centered on providing general skills that can be applied across diverse fields of research with particular emphasis on: Clinical and experimental psychology - Human life-span development - Neuropsychology and cognitive psychology - Cognition - Social, cultural and group psychology - Behavioural neuroscience - Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience - Evolution of mind and cognitive functions - Language and psycholinguistics - Consumer choice, behavioural economics, marketing

Interdisciplinary between the different domains and approaches in psychological research is strongly supported. The limited number of candidates and the large number of academic scholars involved in the program ensures that each student can receive a continuous and focused attention to the development of an individualized curriculum in which more than one supervisor is usually involved.


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