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Research interests

Economic inequality and wealth redistribution

Meritocracy endorsement and inequality legitimation

Economic inequality and work-life balance


Filippi, S., Cervone, C., Suitner C., Maass, A., Del Ben , A. (2021). Fighting Economic Inequality: The Role of Psychological Distance and Construal Level in Shaping Support for Redistribution. Association for psychological Science (APS) Virtual Convention 2021. May 26th.

Filippi, S., Suitner, C., Salvador Casara, B.G., Pirrone, D., Yerkes, M.A. (2021). Balancing Identities: How Economic Inequality and Class Affect Work-life Balance. Pre-print at: 10.31234/

Filippi, S., Suitner, C., Salvador Casara, B.G., Pirrone, D., Yerkes, M.A. (2021). Work-life balance: does economic inequality matter? Social Psychology Conference Helsinki–April 15-16th.

Benvenuti M., Filippi S., Gale P., Geary H., Gong C., Mankinen K., Muñoz I., Mazzoni E., Giovagnoli S. (2020). Sustainable Decision-Making:How media use, cultural and personal traits influence pro-environmental financial choice. jSchool Open Conference , July 10th 2020, Online

Filippi S., Suitner, C. (2020). Too young to know?Investigating attitudes towards sexuality education. jSchool Open Conference, July 10th 2020, Online

Salvador Casara, B. G., Lucarini A., Suitner C., Knowles E. & Filippi S. (2020). Gender Inequality and Twitter collective action in the U.S.A. The dark side of being a woman. Gender based violence and discrimination. Conference organized by CUG, 14th January, Padova, Italy

Padrin G., Filippi S. (2019). Il Merito Non Ha Bisogno Di Incentivi, Il Bisogno Li Merita. Ma In Tutti I Paesi? Italian Psychological Association - Social Psychology Section –AIP Award for Best Poster, XVI Convegno Nazionale Di Psicologia Sociale, 14 Settembre 2019, Roma, Italia. 

Padrin G.,Lucarini A., Filippi S., Suitner, C. (2019).Need vs Merit Aid: A Comparative Study Between USA and Italy. jSchool Open Conference, July 13rd 2018, Siena, Italy..