Vigna Giulia

Ritratto di Vigna Giulia
39 cycle



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Vigna, G., Benavides-Varela, S. (2020). Una revisione della letteratura sulla comprensione del concetto di zero e dei suoi precursori durante l’infanzia. DIS 1(3) Erickson, pp. 393-410. doi: 10.14605/DIS132003 — ISSN: 2723-9330.



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Vigna, G., Benavides-Varela, S. (2021). The Relation Between the Finger-Based Numerical Representations and the Understanding of Zero in Preschoolers. [Poster]. SRCD Biennial Meeting.


From 2015 to 2020 I attended a five-year program in Primary Education at University of Udine (Italy). During the same years, I additionally attended the School for Advanced Studies of the University of Udine, a prestigious curriculum for outstanding students. Subsequently, I moved to the Netherlands to enroll in the Research Master’s program in Education and Child Studies at Leiden University, choosing the profile Applied Neuroscience in Human Development.

I have extensive experience in interacting with children across different age groups. This experience was cultivated through my roles as a teacher in various infant and primary schools and my involvement in research at different Babylabs, including the Leiden University Babylab and the CIMeC Babylab in Rovereto.